I'm also known as oldcassettapes or izmene on deviantart, I'm just expanding out to other sites, I mainly want critique on my works in order to improve myself so that I may be prepared for a career in art. UwU

posted 14 hours ago

I apologize for the bad quality , I took this with my phone.
Anyways I literally just learned about inktober and I just so happened to recover my ink pens from hiding and drew something . I’ll upload every day.

posted 3 days ago

oh boy

posted 4 days ago

I lost 3 followers because I posted a bunch of stuff on the wrong blog again, maaaaaaaaaaan

posted 1 week ago


wish I could reblog the other post and add to it but I don’t know how to add picture without the whole outside source thing so this will do   

posted 1 week ago

working on adoptables and this is one of them

its a wip of course 

posted 1 week ago

this one is bit old by a couple of months but here have it any ways

My OC Ms.Moth, the cutest and fluffiest thing in forever

posted 1 week ago

Thinking up a new character design, this isn’t final forgive me if it doesn’t look that good.

posted 3 weeks ago

I felt like painting so I painted my oc Mara

posted 1 month ago


this is so last minute but some things came up and stuff and I literally just finished it, hope I’m not too late!

posted 1 month ago

This WAS going to be my ava’s demon contest entry 

but unfortunately due some technical difficulties and recent events I can’t finish the image so there is a pretty high chance this won’t be done in time because of said difficulties.