I'm also known as oldcassettapes or izmene on deviantart, I'm just expanding out to other sites, I mainly want critique on my works in order to improve myself so that I may be prepared for a career in art. UwU

posted 1 week ago

I felt like painting so I painted my oc Mara

posted 2 weeks ago


this is so last minute but some things came up and stuff and I literally just finished it, hope I’m not too late!

posted 3 weeks ago

This WAS going to be my ava’s demon contest entry¬†

but unfortunately due some technical difficulties and recent events I can’t finish the image so there is a pretty high chance this won’t be done in time because of said difficulties.

posted 3 weeks ago

been in a pretty shitty mood

posted 1 month ago

warm up sketches

posted 1 month ago

I had a requests thing going on over on DA

posted 1 month ago

inspired by this post that stated Maggie probably hung herself.


posted 2 months ago

here have Bonnie in mushroom form or whatever

inspired by the ink cap mushroom

posted 3 months ago

from the join.me I had no too long ago

posted 4 months ago

I just needed someone to showw a little faith in me so I’m sayin thanks I owwe ya